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Gold Rush Homage by 1davidmcmahon

This striking mural of a Gold Rush-era prospector in his canvas tent caught my attention, on the side of a building in Whitehorse, capital city of Canada’s Yukon Territory. See the shadow of the “No Parking” sign? It’s not actually a part of the mural – it is a real shadow in the strong afternoon sun. And do you notice how the artist has deftly incorporated the many irregular surfaces on the building’s façade into the integrity of the work? However, I could not find a plaque with the artist’s name, nor a signature on the mural. Perhaps someone knows who the artist is and can let me know …..


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Dance Of The Golden Dragons by 1davidmcmahon

This moving sculpture of 1,216 raindrops made of aluminium and copper can be seen at the departure hall of Terminal 1 at Changi International Airport, Singapore. Called “Kinetic Rain”, it is watched, photographed and filmed by hundreds of travellers each day.


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Heritage Sailing, Sailing Boat up the River Thames, London, Engl by JoeDanielPrice

Heritage Sailing, Sailing Boat up the River Thames, London, England

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Rainy Day at Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales by JoeDanielPrice

Rainy Day at Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, Wales

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High Altar of the monastery Rheinau by ChristianBoss

The visit of the monastery Rheinau and the four four Catacomb Saints. And this beautiful and massive high altar of the monastery Rheinau, fascinates me absolutely. I hope you enjoy it and wish you a nice afternoon.

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Canary Wharf Underground Station, London, England by JoeDanielPrice

Canary Wharf Underground Station, London, England

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Rivers Correctional Facility by LiamPhotography

This is the now deserted Rivers Correctional Facility in Milledgeville, Ga and Central State Hospital for the criminally insane. I love the fact that I was able to capture a daytime moon.

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The Adventurous Architect’s Artwork by IwanGroot

I already posted one shot of the Atlantic road and this bendy bridge that rises and curves at the same time which gives it a unique twist.
in this shot I used on exposure as in same settings but 5 shots with different focus points to get a sharper image. I wonder if I would have liked it with a tighter or wide composition. Will have to experiment a bit more next time I get there. This I consider more of a scouting trip though the weather is nothing to complain about, I do want to come when there is a bit more dramatic lighting. either sunset, astro, storm or sunny to get the nice color of the nearby waters.
for more information of this location check out my other shot from the same location.

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