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Symmetry by dansedran

This is brookfield place, in Toronto, ontario, Canada. If you search it on google, you will get hundreds of the same composition of this place. I tried to grab a different angle/view from the bottom of these stairs

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Botafumeiro by fotografiasfernandolopez

The Botafumeiro is a famous thurible found in the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral (in the past similar devices were used in large churches in Galicia, nowadays sometimes is used in the Tui Cathedral). Incense is burned in this swinging metal container, or “incensory”. The name “Botafumeiro” means “smoke expeller” in Galician

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Dome patterns of Selimiye Mosque, Edirne by tarikjesenkovic

Selimiye Mosque, Built By Mimar Sinan In 1575. Edirne, Turkey. 2015 © Photo: Tarik Jesenković. All rights reserved! The photo is protected by copyright laws and may not be used on websites, blogs or other media without my written permission.

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