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Black future by Jarcorboi

Some buildings looks like from another world, maybe future is here, or maybe beauty is subjective. This photo was taken in valencia, buildings are part of city of sciences and arts of Valencia. Just one shoot with bigstopper. Better in black. I hope you like it.

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Clock Tower by tosicbojan


The building of Sahat Gate and Clock Tower started under the Austrian, but finished under the Turkish rule in the 18th century, between 1740 and 1789. Venetian Andreo Cornaro led construction of both buildings. The Clock or Sahat Tower, rising above the gate, is among few buildings that have preserved its original and authentic look from the time when it was built. The tower is 27.5 meters high and the clock can work up to a week without winding.

Clock tower was recognizable detail in almost any Turkish town in the 18th and 19th century, however it was rarely seen in their fortresses and fortifications, which makes this Clock Tower even more special.

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