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Anchored In Maritime History by 1davidmcmahon

Chandeliers inspired by nautical anchors are a striking feature of Singapore’s Clifford Pier, a historic maritime terminal that is now a high-profile restaurant. I shot this through a cascade of white orchids that echoed the colonial-era roof.


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Crowning Glory by 1davidmcmahon

The towering Singapore landmark, Marina Bay Sands, seen from a unique perspective. These antique ceiling lamps and archway form a perfect visual contrast (both in style and in tonal intensity) for the iconic triple-tower complex.


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An indoor/outdoor mall, a Middle-Age invention by tmrother

The buildings on this corner of the plaza are real. They do look a lot like Hollywood fake village, but they are on the Přemysl Otakar II Square from the 16th century on, more or less unchanged.
The Archway or Arcade architecture of Southern Bohemia is here well represented. This created the first quasi indoor mall originated in Middle Ages and not in United States in the 1950’s. Designed for the shopkeepers to display their wares and for customers to shop undisturbed by the inclement weather.
The House of Tereza Förster on the left (1565) was Förster toy store, next is #19 ‘By St. George’ (1602), which used to be Karel Paral Super Drugstore, #20 ‘By Red Deer’ (later Kadlec Bakery) , #21 ‘At Golden Cellar’ (today appropriately Money Exchange) and #22 ‘At Golden Star’, now the 3 stars Pension Hradský.
I have recently seen a documentary about Southdale Center designed (1954) by Victor Grünbaum, and immigrant from Vienna. They did not mention this fact, but MeThink, this is where he got the first idea.

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