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Downtown Dubai by Zohaibnjum

This shot was taken from Emirates Grand Hotel Roof top for one of my project freeze this moment with my Nikon D7000 Lens 11-16mm.

For those who wants to learn
5 bracketed shot highlights & shadow control with luminosity mask in photoshop & some fine tune in Nik collection !

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Fog In Dubai by Zohaibnjum

To capture fog is every photographers dream in Dubai….Its so beautiful from top with glowing street lights. This shot i took from Dubai marina Tallest residential Tower with my Canon 600D & kit lens 18-55mm i hope you will like it !

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Atlas Mine – Drumheller Alberta Area by ryno324

Once again, I took this on my day trip to Drumheller yesterday. Atlas Mine stuck out in my opinion. You really don’t see this kind of stuff too often these days (at least in Alberta Canada)…

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