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Stoa of Philippos – Delos by vasiliosgavrilis

This imposing stoa was constructed by Philippos V of Macedonia in 210 BC, in honour of Apollo. It is 72 metres long and 11 metres wide, and used to be supported by 16 Doric columns.

This dedicatory inscription, “The king of the Macedonians, Philippos, son of the King Demetrios, dadicates this to Apollo”, is still legible.

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Ancient Theatre of Delos by vasiliosgavrilis

Delos was one of the most sacred places of ancient Greece, and one of the most robust trade centers as well.
The Theatre built originally of marble and completed in 250 BCE, the theatre was massive, equipped for nearly 7.000 visitors. Although it abandoned in 88 BCE, following an invasion of the island by Mithridates VI of Pontus (r. 120-63 BCE) during the The First Mithridatic War (89-85 BCE), it has long been admired and even imitated.

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Temple of Demetra by vasiliosgavrilis

Temple of Demetra in Gyroulas (Sagri)
It is located a few km after Sagri while you will also see a road sign on your left shortly before entering the village. The region is called Gyroulas and the temple, which is dedicated to the goddess Demetra, is one of the most important ancient buildings of Naxos. Built between 530 and 520 B.C and entirely made of white marble, this temple dominates over a rise of a fertile valley. It faces the sea as well as Zas Mountain. In the 6th century the ancient sanctuary was turned into a Christian basilica church.

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Temple of Apollo, Portara – Naxos by vasiliosgavrilis

Portara is the huge marble gate of a temple started to be built in the 6th b.c century in honor of the god Apollo on the island of Naxos. Stands majestic islet “palaces” or island of Bacchus is said differently in the left side of the port of Naxos. According to mythology, this island Theseus abandoned Ariadne and from here the kidnapped Dionysus with his entourage. The island until 1919 was not linked to Naxos, years which built the stalk that connects it to the rest of the island.

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Temple of Apollo Epikourios – The miracle of ancient sciences. by vasiliosgavrilis

The temple was dedicated to Apollo Epikourios (“Apollo the helper”). It was designed by Iktinos, architect at Athens of the Temple of Hephaestus and the Parthenon.This Temple is a miracle of ancient sciences. This Temple is rotate like a compass. It rotates around its axis at 50.2 seconds of arc, as much is the annual precession of the equinoxes in order to constantly see the same stellar point and mysteries do not end there, as the slope is formed artificially and the temple was placed on this follows the north-south axis in contrast with the other temples. To achieve sliding of the temple placed on the plate and a layer of clay and sea pebbles on these layers were placed the foundations of the temple.

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