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Granada. by Soltyska

The Alhambra is a Nasrid “palace city”. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. It is certainly Granada’s most emblematic monument and one of the most visited in Spain. It consists of a defensive zone, the Alcazaba, together with others of a residential and formal state character, the Nasrid Palaces and, lastly, the palace, gardens and orchards of El Generalife. from Wiki

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Atrapando a Kairos. by frankolayag

En el Salon de Los Embajadores del Alcazar de Sevilla, me Oculté para atrapar al Dios Kairos , que es caprichoso y representa la Oportunidad y el momento Adecuado que pasa rápidamente al lado nuestro y se va !!!… que si lo pillamos puede cambiar nuestro Destino …. Sin embargo Cronos que es el tiempo medible ” Tic-Tac ” nos engaña y confunde . Pues la única forma de atrapar a Kairos es la Observación Silenciosa y desapasionada de nuestro entorno !!!… No se si lo Logré ???… F.O.G.

English :
In the Hall of Ambassadors Alcazar of Seville, I hid to catch the Kairos God , who is capricious and represents the opportunity and the right time passes quickly beside us and go !!! … if we catch you can change our destination …. However Cronos is the measurable time “Tic-Tac” deceives and confuses us. For the only way to catch Kairos is the Silent and dispassionate observation of our environment !!! … I do not know if I did it ???… F.O.G.

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