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It’s ALIVE … “Maman” The National Gallery by tawatts

Last night I was bored and although the skies were not looking like they would be lighting up for any amazing scenes, it was a nice summer evening and I thought I would take my gear and wander around down town near the Market Area in Ottawa and see what I could find.

I have walked past “Maman”, the very large spider sculpture out front of the National Gallery of Canada on many occasions but had not taken it’s photograph. Normally there is a continual flow of people and cameras directly pointed at and shooting Maman no matter what time of day or night you walk past the Gallery. So, last night I decided to put on my 6 stop ND filter to slow down the exposure in an effort to have all of the people milling about in the shot “disappear”. It worked perfectly. I was shooting at 5 and 10 second exposures. It was long enough to have all of the people moving within the scene so that they completely disappeared.

The down side of that was that I ended up with portions of the sky behind Maman that were completely blown out. I used that to my advantage as I went about to process the scene. This ended up being an 8 shot panoramic, stitched in LR6. I had dropped my camera down as low and close to the ground as I could get it to add to the perspective of Maman being so large. I also wanted to be able to look up and see the white marble” Babies” in her sac together with the patterns in the brick pavers and show off the patterns they created. Because of the blown out sky, I decided to process the scene with a slight apocalyptic or Alien Invasion dramatic effect. What can I say, I was feeling artistic last night. 😉

Camera: Nikon D800E
Lens: Nikon AF-S 24mm prime Nikkor f/1.4G ED
Bracketed exposure shots: No
ND Filter Used: Yes, B+W 6 stop
Exposure level used: -1EV, 50 iso
Exposure Length: 5-10 seconds
Camera Orientation: Portrait
Camera Mode: Manual, f/13
Post Processing: Lightroom 6
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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