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Spherical HQ by blackchallenge

Aldar’s HQ in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates is the first spherical building in the Middle East, standing at approximately 110 meters in height with 23 floor levels. The building has a diameter of 120.9 meters; its width varies from 10 meters at ends to 36.4 meters in the middle. Its structural design consists of a central concrete core for transferring environmental lateral loads, with peripheral diagrid support columns forming the building’s envelope. The building comprises 6400 tons of steel; 55,000 square meters of decking panels; and 25,000 cubic-meters of concrete, and has an area of glass of 25,000 square meters (3200 panels of glass). It will have a total gross floor area of 61,900 square meters and a total net area of 51,361 square meters. It includes many complicated elements, such as peripheral diagrid columns, an outer ring, internal ring, central ring columns, diagrid nodes, and an in-plane truss connecting the outer, internal and central columns at all floor levels. The roof is an integral part of the building with primary beams in line with the columns.

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