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Engine Bridge Abstract by ryan_kole

I decided to hit up the engine bridge yesterday. Since I don’t spend too much time there these days, this is me pretty much getting back to basics. I always enjoy playing with the lines of this bridge. This is what I came out with.

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Engine Bridge – Canmore Alberta by ryan_kole

I took this earlier today on a nice romp around the town of Canmore… I have taken so many images of this bridge vertically but not horizontally short of July 1st.

Pretty much after the shutter clicked… I was reminded why I love this location so much.

I love playing with angles and shadows etc… But I truly love this image. I hope everyone else does as well.

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A Light Burns in Shadows by ryan_kole

First off… If anyone recognizes the lyric of my title here… We will be best friends for life haha.

Anyway… I took this a while ago… My first over night photography excursion as I recall.

Believe it or not, this is the Lake Louise Boat House. It took me a while but I found two angles I really liked. One vertical and one horizontal… I posted the horizontal one a while back and so here we are with this one.

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Canmore Alberta After Sunset by ryno324

I took this last Tuesday as the start of my over night adventure. I spend a lot of time at this look out. This was the first time I stayed here after the sun set.

This has been my home now for just over two years. I just need a new place to live and a new job haha. I love this town.

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Light the Way by ryno324

This is the Lake Louise Canoe Rental building in Banff National Park.

I took this on my over night photo excursion Tuesday. I had tourist hot spots like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake to myself. Plus I was able to shoot the Milky Way and a rising orange moon.

I am very pleased with all of my photos from the night and this happens to be my second favourite from the night.

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