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国家大剧院 by JulienFolcher

After a visit to the forbidden city I decided to go to the national theater to take photos at the end of the blue hour. This has been pretty much a game of hide and seek with the security guards. There is a fence all around the reflection pool edge, making it impossible to get close to get the maximum reflection possible.

There was 2 security guards, one shouting 请出去! (= get out), the other one being more relaxed, even indicating the exact point of the central axis for perfectly symmetrical photos. I basically walked around quickly placing my tripod on the edge and triggering a long exposure while the guards was covering the other side, trying to always stay on his opposite side 😉

The architect is one of my countrymen, Paul Andreu.

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A Floating Egg/Submarine/Spaceship between the Sky and the Water by fredinxian

Do you really need a fancy DSLR to take stunning pics? Sometimes the answer is no.
This is another shot with my Canon Powershot G7x. As you can see, as a small portable digital camera, Canon G7x did a wonderful work for producing a clean, vibrant, and stunning picture. It is as powerful as most of APS-C DSLR.
This is a night shot of the National Center for the Performing Arts. It is a landmark building in Beijing for its ultra-modern architectural style. It presents stunning view in a clear windless evening using the deep blue sky as the background and; and its reflection in the still water makes it look like a huge metallic egg or a submarine, or a spaceship floating in the air.
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