Upper Antelope At Night by tobyharriman

*Upper Antelope At Night* What an incredible unexpected weekend. Last Tuesday I needed to book a flight to Arizona to finish up a job that I am working on. It was last second and I decided to drive instead, so I could help my buddy @michael shainblum move up to SF on my way back. I am so happy I decided to drive and had my car at my disposal. The job got extended to Tuesday of this week and I had the whole weekend to kill. Thanks to all my facebook followers for the hundreds of location recommendations, unfortunately I was only able to get to a few spots. I started off driving up to Sedona on Saturday for sunset. I went to Oak Creek to shoot Cathedral Rock. The water was a bit high but the only compositions I liked required me to get into the river still, literally waist deep! It was so worth it, just wish their was some sky to go with the foreground. Just means I HAVE to come back, for like a full month to explore all of Arizona. After Sedona I had no idea where to head. I think I had too many options to choose from, I could have gone a million different directions. But luckily my buddy Jeff texted me at the perfect time and he put me in touch with his buddy Lionel with Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. So I drove up to Page, AZ to get ready for a 9am private guided tour through Rattlesnake Canyon and Upper Antelope. This place was so incredible and having a photo guide made things that much better, especially though Upper. I had Rattlesnake all to myself! But Upper is the touristy spot with tons of tour companies and when on a photo tour they make sure they get people out of the way so you can get the shot. I felt pretty important I guess haha! The fun continued. Lionel took me out for sunset at the Hoodoos, I think thats what they are called. We got lucky with some clouds and a little bit of color. Nothing incredible but still was an awesome sight and better then clear blue sky. But then after, I had another private guided tour though Upper Antelope at night, with some light painting to really bring those canyons walls to light. That was the icing on the cake 🙂 I could have stayed in these canyons for hours and hours. It was so difficult to keep moving down, I felt like I was shooting every single angle. Definitely going to schedule some trips out here more and during some different seasons. Now back to work and off to San Diego before heading back up to SF. Who knows where I will stop on the way home! You really have to check out my guide Lionel’s work and also schedule a tour with them. Such an incredible experience and such a nice group. I know I sure wouldn’t mind having those canyons in my backyard! Here is his page: Lionel Bigthumb Photography Here is one of many shots I got from these Canyons. I wish the gaps where wider for the stars, but then again we can shots stars all the time, these canyons are really what I am highlighting. I want to get back when the moon is not as bright though, to really bring the stars out. http://toby.photography
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