FLAKSTAD by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Hi guys 🙂
Here is another one from Flakstadpollen 🙂
Lofoten rocks, and this place is normally passed in high speed, but i guess we have to stop and breathe and slow things down for a while 🙂
Cheers folks 🙂

Johnny 🙂

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Nocturne of Shadow by alexnoriega

Twilight falls on the curvaceous sand dunes of Death Valley, California.

I’ve been wanting to get back here to make images like this since my last (completely unproductive) visit three or four years ago. My month-long trip is nearing its end, and I’ve got many new images coming, but this may end up being my favorite. I’ve had mostly zero skies to speak of on the southwestern leg of my autumn travels, but that’s actually advantageous for images like this. It helps not to be distracted by an explosive sky and tempted to put on a wide-angle lens, when focusing on more intimate telephoto compositions. The light on these dunes is simply magical when the sun is low on the horizon.

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Night On The Ridge by markg

I shot on the west coast of Wellington, New Zealand as the galactic core of the Milky Way was beginning to dip towards the horizon. The white triangular glow coming up from the horizon is the Zodiacal Light, which is caused by space dust scattering sunlight in the zodiacal cloud. It was amazing up there on the ridge that night under a sky full of stars – it’s something everyone should do every now and then.

copyright 2014 | Mark Gee | theartofnight.com

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