Charity Platform Lets Kids Donate To Other Kids

Charity Platform Lets Kids Donate To Other Kids

Charity Platform Lets Kids Donate To Other Kids

Charity Platform Lets Kids Donate To Other Kids

Daymaker may be a way for parents to teach their children the important lesson of giving

Most of us grow up understanding that money is a way to attain the material goods we want. Even children learn from an early age that money is a powerful tool. Daymaker is a platform that wants to help parents teach young children about the value of money and giving, while directly assisting children in need in a very personal way. It identifies which children to help by patterning with local chapters of nonprofit organizations. Then parents and their children can peruse the platform to see which wish lists they want to fill.

Daymaker lists descriptions of each and every child they serve along with their needs. It also gives a high-level overview of different categories to help parents and children focus their attention. Currently, giving opportunities fall under the umbrella of Puerto Rico, Holidays, Birthdays and Back to School. For example, the category of ‘Birthdays’ is a way for children to use their special day to get loved ones to support a child in need while “Back to School” is geared towards helping children get access to materials that they need but cannot afford. This may be something like a back pack or stationary. Peurto Rico was a category formed in response to the hurricane that wrecked the area. Potential donors can also use location, gender, age, a child’s interests and a child’s family size to pick a child to assist. Bios detail a child’s narrative and the reason why they may need something.

Daymaker wants to get children thinking early about philanthropic giving as opposed to considering it when they are adults. In turn, it helps create a society where members are more inclined to give those who are less fortunate. Daymaker’s intuitive platform also directly helps children in need while partnering up with nonprofits that benefit greatly from the extra support.










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