Why Volvo Is Going All Electric In 2019

Why Volvo Is Going All Electric In 2019


Why Volvo Is Going All Electric In 2019

All Volvo car models following 2019 will either be electrically powered or a hybrid

Swedish car manufacturing company Volvo announced that all of the cars they produce after 2019 will either have an electric engine or operate as a hybrid.

Electric vehicles seem to have a bright future as technologies in these cars continue to improve. Right now, these models are typically geared toward the premium market and account for only a small portion of car sales. However, experts in the automotive field predict a shift toward electric and hybrid vehicles becoming more mainstream. This announcement shows Volvo’s interest in preparing for future changes. Other companies believe in this shift as well, BMW being among them. The German car maker plans to introduce an electric version of their notable 3 Series vehicle this September.

Volvo will continue to produce combustion engine models before 2019.







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July 14, 2017 at 12:05PM