PSFK 2017 Update: Speakers Focus On Meaningful Work

PSFK 2017 Update: Speakers Focus On Meaningful Work

Keynote speakers at PSFK’s annual conference discuss innovation with purpose in fields as diverse as global addressing, fitness and biotech

We heard from innovators in research, food, fitness, biotech, sex toys, cannabis and more during the morning session of our 2017 conference. This year’s theme, “Innovation with Purpose,” guided a series of talks from leaders and creatives who have directed their efforts toward making a positive impact.

Jan Chipchase defined his methods of in-depth field research, which often takes place on the edges of the grid around the world, saying, “If your intent isn’t to a greater purpose, you probably shouldn’t go into the field at all.” Jan recently launched his book The Field Study Handbook on Kickstarter.

Clare Jones introduced the audience to the revolutionary global addressing system what3words, which assigns a unique three-word name to every 10 by 10-foot square on the planet. It can help you find your friends at a music festival or guide you to a remote, unmarked vacation locale. But Clare’s most moving stories focus on the 4 billion people living without addresses worldwide, and how what3words can help emergency services find people and save lives.

Christina Agapakis of Ginkgo Bioworks spoke about the wonders of biology and how we can apply them to innovation and design.

Bobby Jones shared his insights on marketing to a new generation of socially conscious young people who want brands to speak to them as citizens—not just as consumers. He broke down his ‘Good Is The New Cool’ model for the audience, which advises groups to “lead with the cool,” so the positive impact can follow. Rule #1? “Know Your Purpose.”

We’ll be posting full coverage of PSFK 2017 next week.


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May 19, 2017 at 08:22AM