China Unveils World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path

China Unveils World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path

China Unveils World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path

China Unveils World’s Longest Elevated Cycling Path

Xiamen’s elevated bike path is a beacon of modern transportation infrastructure

Cyclists in China are celebrating this month with the inauguration of a newly-completed elevated bike path. Measuring 7.6 kilometers in length, it is now the world’s longest such structure. Located in Xiamen, China, the path was designed by the Danish firm Dissing + Weitling with the intent of reducing congestion on the city’s crowded motorways. To this end, the path encourages riders to make use of public transportation, featuring connections to 11 stops on Xiamen’s public bus skyway, which runs parallel to the path. Riders can also connect directly to two stops on the city’s subway system.

“The vision for the new skyway is to inspire people to prioritize the green alternative, the bicycle, instead of the car,” said Dissing + Weitling, describing the project, which covers the city’s five major residential and three business centers.

City residents and visitors without a bike of their own will be able to rent bikes for hire at locations along the path, which will also includes 253 parking spaces for private bikes on seven platforms. Pedestrians will also be given access to the elevated path, which includes differently-colored pedestrian lanes to avoid accidents with bikers.

The new bike path can accommodate over 2,000 bikers an hour, with a max speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Gates at the entrances of the path keep tabs on how many bikers have entered already, and will block access to new riders if the bridge becomes too crowded at any given time. For safer riding at night, the path is outfitted with over 30,000 lights to help bikers see better.

Check out a first-person perspective of the bike path below:

Dissing + Weitling






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March 15, 2017 at 01:05AM

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