Colgate-Palmolive’s Volumes Could Be Under Pressure From Higher Pricing in Q3
Oral care leader Colgate-Palmolive is slated to report its third quarter results on October 30th. [1] The company is expected to have continued to resort to price hikes to battle currency headwinds in the third quarter. The extent of the price hikes will determine whether Colgate-Palmolive’s volume growth slowed even more or if the company managed to balance price upticks with reasonable volume expansion. Lower input costs are expected to have provided some respite in the third quarter and cost savings from the Funding the Growth program are expected to have picked up in the second half of the current year. If Colgate-Palmolive relied more on these factors than price hikes to offset currency headwinds, it may have been able to achieve moderate volume growth in the third quarter.

Vía Forbes Real Time