Architectural Structure Colours! by PaulLucasHDR

My last and farewell Photo for 500px and my favourite one from the 500px Global Photo London walk in which I liked this New Architectural Structure building for its colours and windows!
This framed shot consists of 2 bracketing, with combine of EV exposure compensations and edited in Photoshop CS6 & NIK filters, with the combined aid of TK luminosity masks for the Dark, light & Mid-tones for the full the colour light details to it, for a Semi-HDR!

The Power and beauty of luminosity masks enhance your image details to the full.

Many and deep thanks to all new acquaintances that I have found on here and have come to share with over these last two years on 500px and for their support and wonderful comments in which I prefer then any ratings! It’s one of the great things about this site for was creating sound and partial comments about our Photographic image work, ideas and sharing with others that I loved the most.

Even though when I have gone from here, I will still give my support to those you are on FB that I made friends from here and also for those who are on Flickr that I found from here!

So with one’s camera we have in our hands can capture on what we see through our eyes and share with others where we live or give inspirations in which we can enjoy in developing in new ideas in our Photography work… So all to you my friends; keep on shooting into the light!