St. Pouvl’s Church Bornholm Denmark by Elstrup

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St. Pouvl’s Church is located on the island 9 km southwest of Nexo. Chessboard stone In the frame of the church’s south portal – in the porch – there is a checkerboard stone, the only one in Denmark outside North Jutland, where they exist in fifty churches. The stone is 80 cm high and clearly shows a chessboard with the correct number of fields (8 * 8) and a full backgammon boards. [1] This combination of two game boards makes the stone unique and is an argument for the chessboard stones have been stenhuggernes gaming tables , unlike the theories that attaches itself cubes pattern different meanings.

The stone in St. Poul’s Church is also one of the few chessboard stones in Denmark that sits on an outer corner, so you can see both sides of it and see that there is only pattern on one side. This ties in with the stone has been playing table, so there was no reason to make pattern down the sides. If the pattern purpose other hand, was a cult, political or professional, it would well serve the purpose even better to make pattern on both the visible sides.