Capilla de la Concepción o Santa Ana – Catedral de Santa María de Burgos by neobit

This Chapel occupies the site of two earlier chapels and a small courtyard; it was built between 1477 and 1488, by the architects Juan and Simón de Colonia, and was paid for by Bishop Luis de Acuña y Osorio. In the wall of the apse there is a lavish altarpiece in the Flemish Gothic style dedicated to St Joaquin and St Anne. This is the work of Gil de Siloe, who put the finishing touches to the main section in 1492; it depicts the Tree of Jesse around the embrace of Joaquin and Anne, the parents of the Virgin Mary. The lateral sections shelter under fine porches, with numerous statues of saints and prophets, Marian scenes, hagiographies and an image of the founder bishop.