Torre Agba by HerbertAFranke

The tower looks with his dazzling, 16,000 m² facade like a water fountain, with the beginning of darker blue loses up toward the tip in a white. The outer skin made of aluminum acts as the skin of a reptile. Seen from a distance it appears optically as a liquid or organic matter. For the surface 40 different paint colors were used, whereby, depending on the natural light changes color. About the facade was a glass skin, consisting of 56,000 Lamellae drawn. Each of these glass slats have aligned size of 120 centimeters x 30 centimeters and is at a certain angle, there are a total of 16 different positions. Hence stir also the various color reflections. At the same time, this type of facade is an ideal sun protection is total, the tower has 4,349 openings -. Covered with 4,500 windows – that are arranged at irregular intervals in order to achieve the shimmering effect, a total of 40 different colors adorn the building.

The actual dome begins from the 15th floor; including the building runs quite vertically, but it is not a cylinder, because the layout of the building is slightly different from the circuit and therefore is an oval. The floors above the projectile 26 are already on the upper dome.
Quote: Wikipedia