Slated for demolition. Bloody refreshing. by tmrother

Slated for demolition. 231-237 College Street, Toronto.
The John Davison buildings on Huron/ College intersection are destined for possible demolition. It’s almost a sure thing, as the toothless ‘Heritage Preservation Services’ usually cries crocodile tears, after the bulldozers are almost done.
I have photographed this building few times in the past, but this time I noticed the Development proposal. The developer applied in 2013 for 19 story ‘Design Haus’ building, which was modified to 17 stories year later. Build for a grocery merchant Davison in 1890 (John Turner), and updated in 1909 by Langley and Howland, it is one of slowly disappearing examples how College Street looked at the turn of 19th century. It is not a stunning example of the late 1800’s architecture. It has been modified with cheap doors and windows, but it’s going to be replaced by even less interesting building. I may take a photo next year of the new building.