Seine At Sunset by RobertSchmalle

This is a re-edit of an image I posted about two weeks ago. Specifically, this is a composit of four images shot over about a two hour period. In a nut shell, the sky is at sunset and the river and city is about about an hour after sunset. Actually, there are different portions of images being inserted as you move from the upper portion of the image to the lower to create a smooth transition. The one big exception to this “rule” is the river, which is from the same image as the sky. The reason was I both did not want the glassy look of a long exposure in this composite, and I wanted the light reflection from the sunset on the water.

The difference between the first posted edit and this one has to do with Notre Dame. In the first posted edit Notre Dame was taken from an image at the end of the shoot after sunset, and therefore, was lit by artificial light. I didn’t like the contrast this created between the sky at sunset and the building, which was essentially an hour later. This edit changes that, and Notre Dame is now taken from the same image as the sky. Enjoy!