John G. Diefenbaker Building – LE Night Scene by tawatts

While I was down in the area of the Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial, I decided to wander back to the Old City Hall and give it another try from a different angle and long after the sun had set.

What’s interesting about doing long exposure shots (LE) is that what I am seeing and experiencing disappears from the shot, and the captured scene can be completely different than what anyone would see with their own eye. So, while I was taking the photos to stitch into the resulting panoramic shot, there was a flurry of seagulls skimming and circling over the water in front of me. Every now and then they would drop to the water and attempt to catch something on or just below the surface of the water.

Thinking about it now, it would have made for an interesting shot if I had taken some fast shots (1/500 of a sec) to be able to capture the seagull activity to blend back into the final image afterwards. Next time … 🙂

I ended up doing some small post-processing adjustments to the scene. All of the work was completed within LR6. I started by removing dust from the scene, then adding a gradient filter to the bottom of the shot, I brought the exposure levels in the bottom 1/3 up 1 stop. I then darkened the top third one stop using the same approach. Using a radial filter and the adjustment brush filter, I brought the shadows up in the middle section, warmed up the tones by adjusting the white balance and then added a bit of clarity. Finally, I adjusted the sharpening and noise levels, then exported into Photoshop to add my watermark and perform final re-sizing and sharpening for sharing on the web.

I love the combination of strong blue and orange tones in a scene, so this was why I was drawn to taking another go at this location.

Camera: Nikon D800E
Lens: Nikon AF-S 24mm prime Nikkor f/1.4G ED
Bracketed exposure shots: No
Exposure level used: -1EV, 100 iso
Exposure Length: 30 seconds
Camera Orientation: Portrait
Camera Mode: Manual, f/13
Post Processing: Lightroom 6
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada