Light and the Monastery, Budějovice (Budweis) by tmrother

The Dominican monastery church of the Virgin Mary
I was attracted by the back light illuminating the globes on Přemysl Otakar II Square. The white clock tower with the Baroque dome (1772) visible on this photo is part of large complex of Monastery of Virgin Mary. The construction began in 1265!!
The monastery church of Virgin Mary is the most valuable artistic and historical monument in České Budějovice. There are well preserved paintings, frescoes and murals from 14th and 15th century. It was added to throughout the centuries and different religious groups shaped the architecture. Even during the communist time the church remained in the administration of the parish.
I only had few hours in Budejovice, so no time to visit interior, but I had a dinner in one of the outlying buildings (could have been stable at one time) and enjoyed the evening with Szeged gulash, czech dumplings and of course Budvar (the original Budweiser) beer.