MAGMA by BenoSaradzic

I love getting lost in the little alleys of The Old Town at Downtown Dubai but it wasn’t until I flew over this development which really made me appreciate its incredibly inspired architecture and in particular, its lighting design. What an impression it made on me! Those glowing warm lights are incredibly inviting and the whole project feels like Arabian Nights magic, straight out of the Disney cartoon. It was incredibly rewarding to take my camera over there!
Technotes: I knew I wouldn’t have another chance to take this shot so I had to be absolutely sure to get it right the first time. It was night and chopper was heading back to the airport, pretty much in a straight line. We were going fast and I knew motion blur was going to be a a real challenge. I guessed that shutter speed of 1/60s would be just about fast enough to freeze the action. Barely just. Once I set the shutter speed, I opened the aperture of my Canon TS-E 24mm lens all the way to f3.5 and then I kept raising ISO until the exposure was right. It read 4,000! I didn’t know how good the picture would be at such high sensitivity. I was worried about excessive grain and highlight/shadow clipping which occurs with cranked-up ISO. There was nothing to be worried about though. Canon 5dmk3 pulled it off without any issues. Picture is sharp and exhibits very little noise even at 100% magnification. Very happy with the result!