Assessing The Historical Excellence Of The Golden State Warriors 2014-15 Season
(1) The Golden State Warriors should be given credit for one of the best seasons of all-time, and an NBA title would be the cherry on top of a historic season.

(2) LeBron’s greatness is on display as the Cavs sit on the threshold of entering the NBA Finals with key players out or hampered with injury, but the quality of the Eastern Conference’s upper-echelon teams is in the bottom third comparatively when assessing the last 30 years.

(3) Though Golden State should be heavily favored to defeat the Cavaliers based on just the numbers, the “LeBron effect” – via his own play and his ability to elevate the play of his teammates – is the ultimate wildcard in what could potentially be a wildly entertaining 2015 NBA Finals.

Vía Forbes Real Time